Sunday, February 17, 2013

Grains Of Sand

I searched for the great Love of my life, and it was life itself.

I searched for the illumination of God's presence, and it was in the twilight of my dog's gentle gaze.

I searched for deep meaning to the emptiness of the universe and existence, and I found stillness.

I searched for greater riches and abundance in worldly, tangible ways, and found the genuine gratitude of those I had helped.

I searched the essence of my true nature, and I found the expansion and contraction of the infinite universe; light, darkness, cold, heat, desire, longing, desperation, and beingness.

I searched for causality and found discriminating awareness and choice.

I searched deep into the eyes of evil and found the light of humanity, compassion, suffering and liberation.

I searched for union with 'other' and found myself.

I searched for answers, and learned to let go. Again, and again, and again...and found transcendence; grains of sand leaving the hourglass, only to return and fall again with only scant trace of remembrance, until the last grain  returns to the whole, cycling into forever...

I stopped searching, and joy found ME.

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