Sunday, January 6, 2013

Self-love Leads To Selflessness

Self-love is a creative force--creative, not in the sense of producing something from nothing, but of allowing the space from which naturally arising creative force/love can manifest through our unique energy, from the uniqueness of whom we genuinely are.

Allowing this energy to arise, to embrace and nurture it, breaks through the confinements of appearance--that is, the neurotic adaptation to seek the most basic validation for our very existence, our right to exist, through the approval of others. And thus, we bring our natural selves to contact with/through the world, and give permission for that to unfold. So our relationships will thus reflect that. We become a beacon of being authentic, attracting authentic interactions, and fulfilling our dharma, our path within our lifetime to walk fully upright, brilliant and dynamic, compassionate and loving.

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